Kaden Martin of Shippensburg was honored this summer for her artwork.

Her drawing of a favorite summer activity received third prize in Cricket Magazine’s Cricket League art competition. The artwork appears in the Cricket League section of the November/December issue of the magazine and is also available online at cricketmagkids.com/contests.

Cricket features short stories, poems and articles by children’s authors and is illustrated by artists from the United States and abroad. Each issue features a writing or art competition that draws hundreds of entries from readers worldwide. Winners receive recognition and a certificate. The best entries are posted online and in the magazine.

Martin, 11, is the daughter of John and Heather Martin.

Q. How did you learn about the magazine’s contest?

A. I have a subscription to Cricket magazine. There’s always a story art, or poem contest at the back of the magazine.

Q. Describe the picture you sent in and what inspired it.

A. The picture I sent in was a girl and a shark relaxing on the beach together. The shark is having a coconut drink while the girl enjoys a Popsicle. Most people are afraid of sharks so I thought it would be a funny twist to have the girl and the shark having fun together.

Q. What was your reaction when you found out you won an award?

A. I was really happy and proud of myself because I had entered the contest before, but had not won. This time, I won third out of all the people who entered so it felt like a big accomplishment for me.

Q. Do you plan to keep drawing for fun or for a career in the future?

A. Yes, of course. I love art and it will always be a part of me. I love expressing myself through creativity.

Q. Besides drawing, what other activities do you enjoy?

A. I enjoy playing basketball and softball. I love reading, writing, crafting and baking as well and hanging out with my best friend, Jayla.

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