SHIPPENSBURG — Furry Fun Days, a popular family event for many years in Shippensburg, will make a comeback this summer under the organization of the Shippensburg Rotary Club.

Keeping with tradition, the event will be held the first weekend in June (June 6 and 7 this year) at the Shippensburg Township Park on Britton Road. It will feature a variety of activities, crafts, foods and entertainment for people and their canine friends with proceeds going to area animal shelters and rescue organizations.

“It’ll be pretty much the same as people remember it from the past,” said Dr. John Stoner, local veterinarian and Rotary Club member. “Come and bring your pets ... The idea is that this is a family event — a family event that includes your furry friends.”

First held in 2005, Furry Fun Days was the brainchild of Linda Asper, who planned the event as a fundraiser for a local therapy dog organization called Kindly Canines. It was an instant success and through the years continued to grow.

But in 2013, Asper and her committee, which included Chantal Wagner and Nancy Shay, decided to hand over the reins to a new board. When no one volunteered to serve, Furry Fun Days went on a brief hiatus.

“We were looking for help,” Asper said. “It was just growing every year, and it was more than just myself and my small band could handle by ourselves.”

Stoner said organizing Furry Fun Days is an ideal project for the Rotary Club.

“The Rotary Club is about doing things to benefit the community,” he said. “We’re a community organization seeking to do things to enhance the community. The idea of supporting animal shelters and the quality of life of pets is certainly within our motto.”

Asper, who is assisting the Rotary Club, is happy to see the event continue. She said there will be games like doggie limbo, musical hoops and a dress-up relay, and most of the vendors who attended in the past are eager to return.

There will also be scent training demonstrations, and Keystone Dock Dogs will also be back. One of the most popular attractions at past Furry Fun Days events, Keystone Dock Dogs features jumping and retrieving competitions in a pool of water.

Stoner said he and his committee will be happy to consider any suggestions for added attractions.

As before, there will be no admission charge — just a parking fee — keeping the event an inexpensive way for families to spend a day at the park with their dogs.

“It’s going to be the same as before,” Asper said. “All vendor fees and advertising costs will remain the same, and for only $5 parking, you can have an absolutely awesome day and not spend another penny unless you visit the vendors. You can watch the dog games, play games and socialize with the shelter and rescue dogs.”

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