The borough of Mount Holly Springs is hoping a different approach to buying a municipal dump truck could yield a savings in costs and turn-around time.

The council on Monday authorized Borough Manager Tom Day to seek out a leftover 2017 truck from either a regular dealership or a dealership that works through the COSTARS cooperative purchasing program.

Day suggested the council set an upper limit of $80,000, using $55,000 drawn from the general fund budget and $25,000 available for equipment purchases in the borough’s liquid fuels account.

The plan is to use the $80,000 to approach dealerships in the hope of buying a replacement vehicle for a worn-out model 2000 dump truck that has developed serious maintenance problems, Day said. He said the truck bed is rusted out and its transmission system had to be replaced three times in recent years.

Day is concerned about the ability of this truck to weather another winter of plowing and clearing snow. He said that in the past the borough has purchased dump trucks from companies that build them specifically for municipalities. However, that option would likely cost the borough $90,000 or more and take at least four to five months in turn-around time.

Council President James Collins II said the $80,000 would include not just a truck chassis, but the finished package of a truck, snowplow and a salt spreader.

“I’m sure that one is going to be out already built and ready to go,” Day said. By his estimates, there are more than 400 trucks within a 200-mile radius of the borough that could provide what the borough needs.

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