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Cumberland Valley School District

Students walk across campus at Cumberland Valley High School.

Michael Bupp, The Sentinel

The Cumberland Valley School Board approved revisions to the district’s wellness policy on Monday night, but the changes aren’t quite as extensive as they appear on paper.

Most of the tweaks in the policy address issues like student snacks and classroom treats that already have been implemented in schools “on a long-term basis,” said Michael Willis, the district’s director of business and support services. “There were a few changes to exercise (regulations),” he said.

One such change is that district schools will provide students with at least 60 minutes of “age-appropriate physical activity daily, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Opportunities offered at schools “will augment physical activity outside the school environment, such as outdoor play at home, sports, etc.”

Another change is that the district is to encourage students and their families to use district-owned physical activity facilities, such as playgrounds and fields, outside school hours in accordance with district rules.

Yet another revision is that before-school programs will provide “developmentally appropriate physical activity for participating children.” Previously, this requirement included only after-school programs.

Classroom party regulations already implemented but now put in writing include a limit of one classroom celebration per month that involves serving food and beverages. Those parties must offer students no more than three items with added sugar as a primary ingredient in addition to providing fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinks are limited to water, 100-percent juice or juice diluted with water, and low-fat or nonfat milk.

Students snack regulations now on paper say “competitive” food and beverages that aren’t part of a reimbursable school breakfast or lunch and sold to students on school campuses during the school day must meet or exceed federal nutrition standards. Food and beverages offered or sold at school-sponsored events outside the school day, such as athletic events or dances, must offer “healthy alternatives in additional to more traditional fare.”

The district revised its wellness policy because the state requires it to do so every three years, Willis said. The approved revisions are designed to match updated requirements of the federal Student Lunch Program.

Other action

In other news, the Cumberland Valley School Board agreed to enter the application process for a state permit that would allow a traffic signal requested by a private business. The proposal was added to Tuesday night’s agenda at the suggestion of board member Robert Walker.

Walker said “the district wants to be included in the process” because the proposed traffic signal most likely will affect traffic patterns near the district campus at 6746 Carlisle Pike. The permit is being requested by Sun Motor Cars, which owns several automobile franchises just east of the district campus. Sun Motors’ website lists its business locations as 6677 Carlisle Pike, 6691 Carlisle Pike and 356 Woods Drive, which intersects the Carlisle Pike.


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