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Cumberland Valley School District

Students walk across campus at Cumberland Valley High School.

Michael Bupp, The Sentinel

It looks like 2018 will be a busy year for hiring in the Cumberland Valley School District.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, district HR Director Michelle Zettlemoyer presented a timeline for the district’s staffing process for the 2018-19 school year.

For now, staffing numbers for next year remain a figurative wildcard in consideration of the two new schools that will open in 2018-19 at Bali Hai and Lambs Gap roads in Silver Spring and Hampden townships.

Winding Creek Elementary School is scheduled to open in August 2018, followed by the opening of Mountain View Middle School in March 2019.

Administrators don’t know how many positions the district will need to fill next year. “It’s not a definite number yet,” Zettlemoyer said on Tuesday.

What does appear as a given, however, is next year’s staffing changes outnumbering this year’s. For 2017-18, the district filled 12 new positions, plus openings resulting from 16 retirements and 26 resignations, for a total of 54 hires and transfers.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Frederick Withum cited a preliminary figure of 75 openings occurring just at Winding Creek Elementary for next year.

Starting next month, district administrators and staff will meet for the purpose of identifying needed positions for 2018-19. The Cumberland Valley Education Association will be notified about the recommended positions and the jobs will be included in the district’s general budget draft for next year, Zettlemoyer said.

In March 2018, proposed positions for 2018-19 will be posted internally within the district and then posted for consideration by the general public. Initial interviews are expected to begin by May, with final interviews conducted throughout June and July and wrapping up in August.

Withum said he would like to see a combination of new and transferred staff working at the new schools for a balanced demographic of experience and areas of expertise.

According to figures presented by Zettlemoyer, the average years of experience a new hire brings to the district is 4.23. “That puts us in a real nice place of bringing in well-heeled employees to our district,” Withum said.

In other news, the school board approved a sanitary sewer dedication between the Cumberland Valley School Board and the Hampden Township Sewer Authority. The sewer dedication relates to the new middle school and new elementary school.

Under the agreement, the district paid for the costs of a sewer extension that runs about 200 feet from the schools’ campuses to a manhole cover off Locust Lane, said Michael Willis, the district’s director of business and support services. The district is dedicating the sewer extension to the township, which will make the township responsible for maintaining the extension and any ensuing costs on a long-term basis.

The Hampden Township Sewer Authority is scheduled to vote on the dedication contract on Wednesday night.


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