An agreement in principle has been reached between Carlisle borough and its former public works director.

Michael Keiser had filed a lawsuit against the borough in 2015 alleging that he had been fired only hours after registering an internal age discrimination complaint against Borough Manager Matt Candland.

Keiser was 61 at the time he filed the suit.

A letter from Keiser’s attorney, Solomon Z. Krevsky of Clark & Krevsky LLC, filed with the United States Middle District Court of Pennsylvania on Sept. 28 reads that the “parties have reached an agreement in principle to settle this case.”

The letter asked the court to issue an order dismissing the action without costs and without prejudice to the right, if good cause is shown, to reopen the suit within 60 days if the settlement is not finalized.

An order stating such was issued the same day.

Krevsky declined to comment further on the agreement.

Brian P. Gabriel, counsel for the borough, also declined to comment or provide information.

The agreement in principle was reached less than two weeks before the case was scheduled for a jury trial on Oct. 10. Court documents show the trial would have included witness testimony from a number of current and former borough staff members and elected officials.

Court documents also show the parties had informed the court of their intent to settle on March 9, but a June 13 status update filed with the court indicated the parties had been unable to reach an agreement following a May 15 meeting.

Keiser, who ran the Public Works Department from Nov. 16, 1987, to May 1, 2014, claims in the suit that Candland held him to “heightened and unreasonable scrutiny” as compared to younger colleagues, and fired him as retaliation after complaints were lodged against Candland.

The borough has refuted these claims in legal filings, saying Keiser was terminated because of poor job performance.

Keiser sought back pay and front pay if he is unable to be reinstated, damages, attorney’s fees, prejudgment interest and orders from the court relating to what he describes as age discriminatory employment practices by the borough.


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