Santa and his reindeer will be mighty tired after making their transcontinental voyage on Christmas Eve, and one local family is offering their barn as a place to rest.

Roughly six or seven years ago Rick Coplen and his wife, Lorelei, decided to open up their barn in the 800 block of Alexander Spring Road in Dickinson Township to any weary reindeer. So, the two created a large sign out of plywood and lights reading “Reindeer Stay Free” to let Santa and his eight trusty steed know where to land.

“We’re always optimistic that Santa will stop, and we just want him to know there is a place for his reindeer,” Coplen said.

While the Coplen’s barn has become a bit of a local favorite during the holiday season, it has only attracted one reindeer that the couple places in the barn each year.

More seriously, Coplen, who is a member of the Carlisle school board, said he and his wife wanted to put up something with a sense of whimsy that would be appealing to children.

“We just wanted to have something fun and unique,” Coplen said.

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