309 Front Street

South Middleton Township is looking to demolish a garage that is in disrepair off Front Street in Boiling Springs.

Joshua Vaughn, The Sentinel

Construction on the new Pennsylvania State Police Carlisle headquarters in South Middleton Township is off to a running start, township supervisors said on Thursday, while a dilapidated home and garage on Front Street could be on the way out.

Tim Duerr, South Middletown’s director of community development, said that developers of the new headquarters have released a stormwater management agreement for the 4.73-acre lot on Dunwoody Drive just off Alexander Spring Road. SP Carlisle Associates LLC of Dillsburg is developing the building. The state police will lease the building.

“This assures that they will do what they have to do to manage stormwater on the property and to do it on a long (term) basis,” Supervisor Tom Faley said.

Faley said construction on the site started around two weeks ago with land clearing. The next step will be laying a building foundation.

“We’re 100 percent behind their efforts. Anything we can do for this, we will do,” Faley said.

Progress also is being made regarding a dilapidated garage at 309 Front St., which appears to be on the verge of structural collapse. This comes after municipal officials have tried to contact the property owner for several months without success.

In December 2016, the township condemned the garage, which is behind a house that has remained vacant for several years. In May 2016, the township began sending citation letters to the property owner but never received a response.

As a result, officials now are taking steps to demolish the structures because they are considered dangerous under state second-class township regulations. Township staff has determined that the garage and house both meet the legal criteria of blight, so the matter has been forwarded to the Cumberland County Blighted Property Review Committee. Any demolition costs would be forwarded to the owner as a property lien.

“We’ve tried multiple times to contact the owner, now the county will try,” township manager Cory Adams said.

Green Light-Go grants

Also on Thursday, South Middleton officials announced that the township was awarded Green Light-Go grants from the state Department of Transportation. Three grants totaling $134,629.82 were given to the township on an 80/20 basis, meaning that South Middleton is required to contribute 20 percent of the cost of its requested projects while the state pays 80 percent.

A grant for $13,680 was awarded for traffic signal timing on Walnut Bottom Road, while a second grant for $62,574.06 was awarded for emergency pre-emption devices for traffic signals on Walnut Bottom Road. A third grant for $44,695.76 was awarded for emergency pre-emption devices for traffic signals on York Road.

Emergency pre-emption devices allow police, fire and ambulance personnel in the community to drive through a steady green light as they pass these traffic signals. Red signals will be transmitted to opposing traffic at these times.

Adams credited former township engineer Brian O’Neill for obtaining the grants.


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