Children's Lake

Children’s Lake offers boating and fishing opportunities in Boiling Springs.

provided by Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau

South Middleton Township supervisors approved a contribution agreement between the township and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to begin project engineering for repairs to Children’s Lake in Boiling Springs.

Township solicitor Bryan Salzmann recommended this in light of recent action regarding the state’s 2017-18 budget proposal.

In April, the Fish and Boat Commission pledged the remaining $200,000 needed for project engineering contingent upon approval by the commission board and confirmation of the local contributions, according to a letter sent to the township by John A. Arway, the Fish and Boat Commission’s executive director.

This came on the heels of South Middleton Township supervisors announcing this year that the municipality procured the $400,000 needed to begin the project’s design phase, including $150,000 from the township’s local design funds, $25,000 from F&M Bank, and $12,500 each from Allen Distribution and R.S. Mowery & Sons.

The Fish and Boat Commission’s appropriation was included in the state’s 2017-18 budget proposal, but finalization of that is more than 100 days late. This week, however, the state House of Representatives passed a deficit patch measure intended to complete the state’s $3.2 billion budget. The bill has been sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature, township officials said.

Under Thursday’s agreement, South Middleton is willing to donate up to $200,000 on a dollar-to-dollar match basis with the Fish and Boat Commission. Final approval is subject to management and engineering review, Salzmann said.

“This should get the engineering off to a good start,” Supervisor Tom Faley said. “Engineering in 2018, fixing (the lake) in 2019.”

Salzmann said it could take longer than that to begin repairs because obtaining necessary permits will “take time.”


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