Craighead Bridge

The Craighead Bridge is along Zion Road in South Middleton Township.

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Cumberland County commissioners Tuesday signed an agreement on the transfer of ownership of Craighead Bridge in South Middleton Township to the North Skunk River Greenbelt Association, or Workin’ Bridges.

The county said in a news release that it had advertised the bridge for sale in October, and Workin’ Bridges was the lone bidder with an offer of $1.

Workin’ Bridges earlier indicated it planned to keep the bridge in place and refurbish the 118-year-old steel-truss bridge.

“Cumberland County is grateful for Workin’ Bridges stepping forward to own and maintain Craighead Bridge,” commissioner Vince DiFilippo said in a news release. “Under Workin’ Bridges ownership, Craighead Bridge will continue to enhance the natural and cultural landscape of Cumberland County for many years to come.”

Craighead Bridge was closed in July 2013 after an inspection revealed substantial deterioration. The county is in the process of constructing a nearly $2.9 million replacement bridge to carry Zion Road over Yellow Breeches Creek. The bridge is scheduled to be completed this fall.

South Middleton Township Supervisor Tom Faley said the next step for Workin’ Bridges is to complete fundraising for the costs of refurbishment. He said that could take some time before work begins on the bridge.

Workin’ Bridges was established to refurbish and/or relocate historic bridges across the country.


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