The Carlisle Joint Veterans Council is planning a special salute for active duty military and other veterans of the War on Terror.

Organizers are inviting them and their families to march at the head of the annual Memorial Day parade in Carlisle scheduled for Monday, May 28, council member Jim Washington Jr. said.

He explained how the parade will form up at 8:30 a.m. on West North Street before starting down Hanover Street at about 9 a.m. Following the parade, organizers will invite active duty military and current war veterans to stand and be recognized during a ceremony held on the Square, Washington said.

Those interested in marching may contact Washington by phone at 226-1966 or by e-mail at “I can mail them all the parade information,” Washington said. “If they just want to show up, they can jump into it. We want to show our appreciation. We are very flexible.”

Those wishing to ride in the carriage or drive their own vehicles in the parade should probably notify Washington ahead of time.

The idea to extend the special invitation came from June Shomaker, now of Carlisle, who learned how her hometown of St. Louis, Miss., put on a special parade in February to honor Iraq war veterans, Washington said.

“We should be doing something like that here,” Shomaker said. “We want to applaud their efforts. It’s just a question of getting the word out. My involvement has been to make some contacts.” She would like to make this salute a part of the annual Memorial Day observance in Carlisle.

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