HERSHEY —Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien and Gov. Tom Corbett were both in Hershey Saturday night. They joined forces at an event aimed at stopping sexual abuse.

The Vision of Hope Gala was hosted by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) to raise both awareness and money to end sexual abuse.

“It’s just really good to know that we’re contributing to healthy relationships and healthy children that grow into healthy adults,” said Delilah Rumburg, CEO of PCAR. “So that’s why I keep doing it because I know that it’s working and it can make a difference in our communities.”

Corbett and O’Brien joined PCAR in their vision of hope to bring awareness to sexual abuse.

“(We’re) working very hard with them in trying to prevent and to assist victims of rape,” Corbett said.

O’Brien even autographed a football for the auction portion of the gala.

“Since the day that I arrived here, I felt like it was important for our football program to do its part in putting an end to child abuse and that’s why I’m here,” O’Brien said.

It is part of O’Brien’s and Penn State’s continued efforts to stop sexual abuse, in light of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

“What happened at Penn State was horrible and we have to do our part to make sure it never happens again at Penn State. The football program’s a big part of that,” O’Brien said.

That is why O’Brien said his players also tackled the issue.

“Our players understand the situation that we’re in and why we’re in the situation that we’re in,” O’Brien said. “All the different things we can do as a sports team to help the cause is important so that’s what we’re trying to do.”

The money raised at the gala will go toward research on how to prevent sexual abuse.

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