Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum is in Harrisburg.

ABC27 News

HARRISBURG — The City of Harrisburg and the National Civil War Museum have reached a financial agreement and resolved all legal issues.

Harrisburg agreed to sell city-owned artifacts to the museum for $5.2 million over the next five years. The museum plans to fundraise the money.

The city will put $1 million from the sale of the artifacts into a fund for improvements to the museum. The remaining $4 million will go toward improving Reservoir Park.

The agreement also calls for the museum to start paying more than the current $1 per month rent. The new rent will begin at $45,000 a year, increase to $60,000 by the fifth year, and cap at $100,000 annually.

The rent money will cover the costs of maintaining the museum.

The deal allows the museum to own the artifacts, allowing more flexibility with grant money.

The city gets financial compensation.

The museum and the city hope the plan increases attendance. The museum has about 43,000 visitors each year.

The museum’s board of directors have approved the deal. City Council must still OK it.


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