A number of 80-year-old plus residents from Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg took to Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry Friday for an afternoon of snow tubing.

Leroy Erickson is 83 and chairman of Bethany Village's wellness committee. He has also participated in the annual trip to the slopes every year since 2006.

“People drive by here and say, ‘that’s just a retirement home,’” he said. “They have no idea how much we’re doing. After our first run down the hill the first year, we wanted to know how we could go faster.”

About 20 residents and 10 staff members from Bethany Village were joined by residents and staff from sister community Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Md., for some snow tubing.

“I never had a chance to do this when I was growing up,” said Nancy Bomboy, 95, who has participated every year and gone water tubing down the Yellow Breeches Creek every summer for the past five years. “I’ve always been active, and I just don’t feel like I want to stop doing things. I don’t consider myself an old person. When you have opportunities, you take them up. Don’t stop because you’ve never done it.”

“It is so much fun to watch their faces or hear them laughing and screaming as they come down the hill,” said Sandy Reid, Bethany Village wellness director, who initiated the snow tubing event. “It could be a group of kids out there, and except for lending someone a hand to get up from the tube once in a while, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”



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