Eight years after she helped to found the organization, Joan Jones is now the executive director of Maranatha Carlisle.

The faith-based organization - "maranatha" comes from the Greek meaning, "Our Lord, come" - helps people manage their financial resources.

"We were all members of Samaritans Fellowship and people were coming there asking for help, and we saw people who didn't manage their money very well," Jones said of the organization she, her husband, Hugh, and another friend worked with.

"We heard about a ministry in Chambersburg that helps people manage money and we asked them to come and speak," she said.

Since 2003, when it started, Maranatha has grown to about 235 clients, Jones said.

About 75 to 80 percent of the organization's clients are mental health patients, she said.

The program looks at monthly bills and outstanding debts and helps to determine a payment plan and find the reasons for past problems.

The goal, Jones said, is to help clients become disciplined and better able to control their spending.

The organization also helps clients by putting money into reserve funds for clients in case of medical emergencies or unexpected expenditures such as car repairs.

After her husband died in 2004, Jones continued to serve on the board of directors for the organization. When the rest of the board asked her to take over as executive director, she accepted because she "felt this was where God wanted me to be."

"This is where I'm supposed to be right now," she said.

Maranatha Carlisle is open to anyone regardless of faith. For more information, call 258-1000 or visit the office at 17 E. High St., Suite 104.


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