SOUTH MIDDLETON TWP. — The CEO of the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation says Apple could be bringing its business to the Midstate.

Apple has been looking for an East Coast repair facility, and CAEDC CEO Jonathan Bowser said the tech giant has its eye on a building in South Middleton Township.

"At this point I think it does seem to be real. We are still waiting to get a little bit a little more information," Bowser told abc27 News.

A blog post at said Apple plans to open an AppleCare repair and distribution center at the 700 Allen Road site in South Middleton Township, which features a 200,000-square foot warehouse.

“I think this possible announcement again demonstrates the strength that Cumberland Valley is not only known for its great location but also for having a strong workforce,” Bowser said. “As discussed at our Highway to Growth event, the I-81 corridor from Cumberland Valley to Hagerstown, Md., is extremely attractive for industrial sites, and we will continue to see strong interest from national and international developers and retailers as our market continues to mature and thrive. Workforce development will continue to be a high priority to support this rapid growth.”

Bowser said he didn’t have any hard numbers on jobs. If the deal happens, it will be the second AppleCare center of its size in the country, while smaller facilities exist in the South. The main AppleCare center is in California.

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Sentinel & Bowser--check your facts. AppleCare has contracted business in Cumberland County for many years, and is likely outsourcing this as well. Apple will never "employ" anyone here. For those of you who wonder why we have so many big box warehouses and poverty level temp jobs--this is it. Ditto on the P&G warehouse predicted to bring 900 jobs to the area. P&G will not employ 900 people, but the logistics companies and temp agencies will.


I think this could be a huge oppurtunity for the Midstate. Not only is it a good location for people using Apple products, but it could also provide many jobs for people in the midstate. I believe building an AppleCare center in the midstate is a great oppurtunity for the company and the community.


DaveWorld, the facility opening is new capacity. It may be an Apple supplier such as Flextronics or other contract vendor to the company but Apple sales propel the business, so it is the same thing as having Apple virtually even if it is. No Apple, no facility. P & G and Apple and others are providing valuable employment here that is not poverty wage, and if Apple brings skilled technical positions here, that is a plus to the workforce, the local ecnomy and to future plans for higher pay jobs.

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