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Hello again, Andrew Zang here. I am back to provide you all with some more helpful health care and wellness advice.

The election has finally past with claims to actually reform healthcare and make it affordable, but can we expect that is going to happen quickly? Can we expect more reasonable premiums, deductibles and co-pays?

Doubtful. So, what choices do we have?

Well, you can follow the masses complaining about the system, continue to change physicians because your plan is no longer accepted at that office you like and to pay for long wait times just to get an appointment, as well as long wait times once you are at the physician's office, then five minutes with the provider and poor quality service.

And remember you are paying for all of this because you did not meet your high deductible plan yet.

Do not be fooled into believing that you must see a provider your physician or insurance mandated. It is your choice.

You can instead seek care from those providers who choose not to participate in this mess we call a health care system - those who actually answer and respond to phone calls or emails, do not make you wait five days or longer to get an appointment, do not make you wait an hour just to get five minutes of them staring at a computer and no hand-offs to support personnel. Rather you find a provider who actually touches the patient and puts the focus back on patient care, because they are not filling out volumes of documents for insurance companies just to hope they did not check one box wrong and get the whole claim denied.

But how does one get this level of care in today’s health care system? And isn’t that level of care expensive?

Well, that is a matter of perspective, but it is not as much as you may think, and every man/woman can choose this option if they want.

What if a provider could get you better in half the time with fewer visits? What if you no longer suffered day and night with that pain you have? What if you could resume living life free from limitation? What if you no longer had to take pain medication or spend hours traveling to and waiting for doctor’s appointments without a real solution? What would all this be worth to you?

All of this and more is available to you today if you are looking.

What is the solution then? Actually seeking out a caring provider who will listen to you and take the necessary time to fully understand your problem and set in action a plan to assist you to feel better.

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Andrew Zang is a fellowship-trained therapist and owner of Zang Physical Therapy in Lemoyne.


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