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Mothers and babies belong together. At Carlisle Regional Medical Center, rooming-in is provided as part of our family-centered care to help you learn how to rest and care for your newborn.

Rooming-in helps you prepare for going home with your new baby. Many women welcome the idea of getting as much sleep as possible after labor, and it can be tempting to send your baby to the nursery to get some rest.

However, research shows that you are just as likely to get the same amount of rest with your baby in the room. Having your baby with you right from the beginning is shown to be the best way for you and your baby to rest and establish a routine.

This is a wonderful time to get to know and connect with your baby. Babies recognize their parent’s voice, smell and heartbeat. Having your baby within your presence helps your baby relax. Rooming-in helps you prepare for going home with your new baby and offers more opportunities to learn about your baby’s behaviors and what they mean.

Rooming-in benefits for mother:

• Better quality sleep

• Increased confidence in handling and caring for baby

• Ability to learn what your baby’s cues are (sleepy, stressed, in need of quiet time or hungry)

• Improved breastfeeding experience

• Less infant crying and distress (They love to be near you.)

• Less “baby blues” and postpartum depression

• Parents are better rested and more relaxed by the end of the first week at home.

Rooming-in benefits for baby:

• Better quality sleep. Your baby will develop a more regular sleep-wake cycle earlier and may ease the transition to day/night routines.

• More skin-to-skin time, which may stabilize the baby’s heart rate, breathing and blood sugar

• Generally more content, less crying

• Breastfeed sooner, longer and more easily

• Lower levels of stress hormones

• Babies exposed to normal bacteria on mother’s skin, which may protect them from becoming sick due to harmful germs.

At Carlisle Regional Medical Center, we also encourage the father of the baby or other support person to stay with the mother and baby during the hospital stay. This helps with the transition from pregnancy to motherhood and to the establishment of the new family. A sofa bed is provided in our Women’s Center patient rooms for the support person.


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