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Why try?

Interesting question isn’t it? Why try _____? (Insert anything you can think of here).

People say all the time I don’t want to "try," that it looks too hard, or why would I try that when I am comfortable doing it this way? The answer is because physically it is good for you to try new exercises, new classes and new workout routines. Keep your body guessing what is coming next, and that is when real change happens.

I was going to be clever with this article and the title, "Why Try?" and make it about the Carlisle Family YMCA’s 8th annual indoor sprint triathlon (Y-TRI) coming up on Sunday, Feb. 19 (register here, by the way) and talk about how to train for the event.

Then I realized who am I to give advice on how to train for a triathlon, when I have never done one myself? Sure, I could research tips on how to train for a triathlon, or type up a list of do's and don’ts, but anyone who is interested in that can do that themselves. Instead I decided to take this in the direction of encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things (some of which can help you either train or get better results for the Y-TRI).

From an exercise standpoint, make sure you are changing up your routines — both cardio and weight training. This can be trying the elliptical instead of the treadmill, or trying our weight lifting class instead of doing your regular weight lifting workout. By cross training, you are not allowing your muscles to get used to a normal routine. Your body and muscles will respond better when you vary your workout modes.

As far as diet goes, you can try to cook at home instead of hitting up the drive-thru, or cut out one can of pop (soda) and try a glass of plain water.

It doesn’t have to be about trying something new in your diet or workout routine either. It can be as easy as trying to get more quality sleep at night.

So with the New Year, New You theme, remember that "trying" new things can positively benefit you both mentally and physically!

Reminder: We still have open individual and relays spots for the Y-TRI. If you are not able to TRI by yourself, grab some friends and form a team. Each person takes one leg of the race (bike, swim or run). Last plug — sign up for the Y-TRI!

Jay Cattron is the Carlisle Family YMCA physical director.


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