Aug. 17-Nov. 1

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Born recently at Chambersburg Hospital to:

Aug. 26

Jessica Lynne Jones and Logan Alexander Dukes, Carlisle; baby boy.

Aug. 31

Ashli Daun Irvin and Travis Gene Prosper, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 16

Chipquita Keosha George and Tariq Kamal Ferguson, Little Rock, Ark.; baby girl.

Sept. 23

Simone McDonald, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 29

Douglas A. and Gayle Lauren (Hande) Taylor, Carlisle; baby boy.

Born recently at Carlisle Regional Medical Center to:

Aug. 25

Melvin and Lisa (Martin) Reiff, Shippensburg; baby boy.

Aug. 27

Marun Lalmohamed and William Palmer IV, Carlisle; baby girl.

Aug. 28

Jason and Jessica (Monismith) Shover, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 1

Jason and Holly (Herrington) Davis, Shippensburg; baby girl.

Sept. 3

Christopher and Katherine (Kievit) Smith, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 4

Nicole Sokoloski and William Watson, Shermans Dale; baby boy.

Sept. 5

Jason and Kristy (Mallin) Zimmerman, Dillsburg; baby girl.

Sept. 8

Chad and Wendy (Bohn) Minnich, Dillsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 15

Justin and April (Owen) Brymesser, Carlisle; baby boy.

Kayla Hinton, Boiling Springs; baby girl.

Andrew and Jeannette (Crozier) Krone, Landisburg; baby boy.

Alyssa Monn and Rick Potent, Biglerville; baby boy.

Sept. 17

Jonathan and Jennifer (Laughman) Bray, Etters; baby girl.

Sept. 18

Barrett and Giulia (Rinaldis) Hollister, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 20

David and Lindsey (Clinton) Pletcher, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 22

Wesley and Bethany (Zimmerman) Nolt, Loysville; baby girl.

Todd and Jennifer (Kireta) Yeakel, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 23

Antonio and Bobbi (Weidnek) Borrero, Mt. Holly Springs; baby boy.

Sept. 26

Shane and Christina (Anderson) Tyree, Newville; baby boy.

Sept. 27

Jhon and Melinda (Bluemling) Soto, Dillsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 30

Nicole Doporcyk, Newville; baby boy.

Clinton and Amanda (McElwee) Holtry, Newburg; baby girl.

Douglas Jr. and Christina (Geib) Reed, Carlisle; baby girl.

Oct. 1

Kevin and Brooke (Martin) Webb, Carlisle; baby boy.

Oct. 2

Clint and Lilia (Macalalag) Putt, Carlisle; baby girl.

Oct. 4

Gene and Amy (Stoke) Reisinger, Loysville; baby boy.

Oct. 27

Allen and Traer (Jochen) Beaudette, Carlisle; baby boy.

Oct. 28

Amanda Haymire and Justin Gilmore, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Dwayne and Madison (Miller) Radabaugh, Newville; baby girl.

Oct. 31

Brett and Joy (Williams) Garman, Boiling Springs; baby girl.

Nov. 1

Alexander and Rebecca (Eames) Anderson, Carlisle; twin baby girls.

Jason and Mary (Molli) Vioral, Carlisle; baby boy.

Born recently at home to:

Oct. 11

Cory and Shannon (Stull) Casner, Harrisburg; baby boy.

Born recently at Holy Spirit Hospital to:

Aug. 17

Michael and Aubrey (Keefer) Graeser, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Falina Jumper and John Brown, Carlisle; baby girl.

Aug. 19

Kacy Englebrook and Thomas Wesner, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Joseph and Stacie (Bogusz) Barrett, Enola; baby boy.

Paul and Cynthia (Scanish) Syvertson, Camp Hill; baby girl.

Erna Bagdasaryan and Ricky Heckard Jr., Enola; baby boy.

Heather Scott and Michael Failla, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Aug. 20

Wendy Wagner and Phillip Poust, Elliottsburg; baby girl.

Latasha Mixell and Baaron Carthorn, Carlisle; baby girl.

Aug. 21

Erin (Klein) Shistle and Anthony Barnett, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Aug. 22

Damon and Lauren (Kennell) Cudihy, Marysville; baby boy.

Kristin Martz and Christopher Lovejoy, New Cumberland; baby boy.

Aug. 24

TinaJo Shaw, Duncannon; baby boy.

Aug. 25

Michael and Colette (Krosschell) Schatt, Dillsburg; baby boy.

Robert II and Carroll (Danner) Reisinger, Carlisle; baby boy.

Tiffany Hockley and Anson Mulligan, Carlisle; baby girl.

Aug. 26

Jeremy and Blythe (Beall) Foreman, Carlisle; baby boy.

Franklin and Leslie (Budd) Marshall, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Aug. 27

Bryan and Nicole (Blasser) Stouffer, Carlisle; baby boy.

Aug. 28

Jason and Julia (Grieb) Nye, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Aug. 29

Wayne and Heather (Fahnestock) Simpson, Carlisle; baby girl.

Aug. 30

Nancy Heuser and Jose Lanauze IV, Landisburg; baby boy.

Aug. 31

Danielle Stine and Collin Swanger, Camp Hill; baby boy.

Sept. 1

Lacy Baughman and Michael McMannes, Carlisle; baby girl.

Kirsten Salvatore and Ryan Wixon, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Sept. 2

Jessica Moss, Wormleysburg; baby girl.

Sept. 3

Casey Kramer and James Cooper, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Karey Molnar and Jared June, Camp Hill; baby boy.

Ira Jr. and Anna (Cooney) Sharp, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Sept. 4

Laurel Johnson and David Lindsay III, Dillsburg; baby girl.

Jennifer Muzic and Anthony Colavito, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Brian and Rebecca (Stover) Coulson, Carlisle; baby boy.

Sept. 5

Casey Collier and Jason Reigle, Etters; baby girl.

Michael and Tara (Sosnoski) Higgins, Enola; baby boy.

Penny (Sholly) Sands and Matthew Wheeler, New Bloomfield; baby boy.

Sept. 6

Jason and Christina (Harris) Sweeney, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 7

Jessica Swab and Nathan Kauffman, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Matthew and Jennifer (Lenhard) Tomasov, Mt. Holly Springs; baby boy.

Haris and Sabrina (Osojkic) Decevic, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Jeremy and Jean (Downs) Bowman, Etters; baby boy.

Sept. 10

Sandra Freedman and Dennis Hafner II, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 11

Johnny II, and Ayla (Poticher) Shindledecker, Newport; baby girl.

Michael Sr. and Lisa (Wolf) Derr, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 12

Amanda Hefflefinger and Christopher Gardner, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 13

Timothy and Quenby (Olson) Eisenacher, Marysville; baby girl.

Sept. 15

Kurt and Corrie (Engel) Shipkowski, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Shayla Hodge-Coleman and Jordan Stever, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 16

Evan (Partridge) Rearick and Douglas Brunner II, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Michelle Brandt and Larwance McConnell Jr., Newport; baby boy.

Matthew and Charlotte (Campbell) Gustin, Shermans Dale; baby boy.

Sept. 17

Ian and Melanie (Wirfel) Stamy, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 18

Jason and Brenda (Wolfe) Sanchez, Lemoyne; baby boy.

Christina Brandt and Jeffery Barthel Sr., Duncannon; baby boy.

Thad and Michelle (Leister) Zarkovich, Enola; baby boy.

Rebecca Shatto and Imed Kahlaoui, Camp Hill; baby boy.

Sept. 19

Holli Fetterhoff and Brian Miller II, Carlisle; baby girl.

Sept. 22

Lien Dinh and Luis F. Quinones, Camp Hill; baby boy.

Eric and Christine (Gruver) Higgins, Enola; baby boy.

Michael and Lindsay (Sgrignoli) Rhan, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 24

Kurtis and Jessica (Wolinsky) Alander, Camp Hill; baby girl.

Sept. 25

Kyle and Tamara (St.Onge) Leister, Dillsburg; baby girl.

John and Melanie (Kelley) Hackman, Carlisle; twins, baby boy and girl.

Rachel Davis and Donyeal Manning, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 27

Leslie and Carla (Weaver) Towsey, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Sept. 29

Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Alwood) Hahn, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Leigh Lehman and Ronald Welsh, Loysville; baby girl.

Sept. 30

Abdelkarim and Suzan (Al Saifi) Mahrady, Camp Hill; baby boy.

Oct. 1

Tanya (Stockslager) Storm and Adam Moesch, Dillsburg; baby girl.

Derek and Melanie (Hess) Miller, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Oct. 2

Christopher and Maija (Schell) Palmer, Camp Hill; baby girl.

Corey and Stephanie (Carbaugh) Fleisher, Duncannon; baby girl.

Oct. 3

Joshua and Julie (Burke) Swartz, Newville; baby girl.

Oct. 5

Michael and Jennifer (Sassaman) Walker, Mechanicsburg; baby girl.

Oct. 6

Kyle and Laura (Toth) Wolfe, Duncannon; baby girl.

Oct. 7

Douglas and Heather (Garvin) Kirkland, Dillsburg; baby boy.

Layal Mahfoud and Ghiyath Saloum, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Oct. 8

Alicia Bowman and Michael Haskett, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Cullen and Ashley (Caldwell) Powers, Etters; baby boy.

Oct. 9

Stephen and Deborah (Tedesco) Hetrick, New Cumberland; baby boy.

Alicia Paulua and Mathew Lott, Gardners; baby girl.

Oct. 10

Daniel and Brittany (Kramer) Bair, Mechanicsburg; baby boy.

Oct. 11

Vishmupoiya Lodari and Raghukumar Thalvayapati, Camp Hill; baby girl.

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