There's one thing you won't find on tap at the Second Annual Beer Crawl in the Fall - Miller Lite.

From noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, Carlisle area residents are invited to wander through a scattering of shops over two blocks of West Pomfret Street and one block of South Hanover Street sampling specialty brews and unique food.

"No one's going to be walking around sampling Miller Lite," said Pat Craig, a member of the Pomfret Group, the neighborhood merchant organization that's serving up the crawl this year. "We'll have microbrews and more new stuff that would be of interest. You'll be getting interesting culinary tastes in all of our locations."

In the past, the Pomfret Group has put on wine walks that have been well-attended, but beer is more in step with the season, Craig said. The beer crawl is designed to bring people into the more than 10 participating locations. Along the way, crawlers will have a chance to sink their teeth into a variety of hors d'oeuvres and quality artworks. Jewelry artists, glass etchers, multimedia artists and more will be weaving together their next masterpieces along streets and inside shops.

Here's how it works: walkers pay $15 in advance or $18 on the day of the crawl for a beer mug, a map and a passport. They'll collect punches at every location they swing by, making them eligible for an assortment of prizes and eligible for winning a grand prize gift basket.

All proceeds benefit the Pomfret Group's green projects, the Carlisle Arts Learning Center, Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services and Union Fire Company. Operating under the auspices of the Downtown Carlisle Association, the Pomfret Group has used the funds it raised in the past to prettify South Hanover and Pomfret streets with plantings and window boxes and the addition of rainwater-catching urns. It's looking to buy one more urn and encourages other downtown areas to follow suit.

"This is what we do to enhance our street and make it a better place for people to work from and come to visit," Craig said. "It gives us money to work for our streets' improvements."

Want to crawl this fall? Advance tickets may be purchased at participating vendors, including Pat Craig Studios, Lili's Place, Artists Market of Pomfret Street, Marjorie's Gems, Leaf of Eve and Argosy. Same-day tickets will be available in front of the garden at 30 W. Pomfret St. (Pat Craig Studios).

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