CHAMBERSBURG — Robert and Amy Hartman, of Hartman Snack Group Inc., said they have purchased the snack food brand and facility for Gibble’s Foods and plan to reintroduce the Gibble’s products to store shelves beginning in mid- to late-February.

The order for production and reintroduction is: Gibble’s Homestyle Potato Chips, Gibble’s Original Cheese Flavored Cheese Puffys, White Cheddar Cheese Puffys, Gibble’s Old Fashion Thin Pretzels and Gibble’s Minis Pretzels.

Additional products, which include Gibble’s Red Hot Potato Chips, Gibble’s Bar-B-Q Potato Chips and Kay and Ray’s Potato Chips, will be relaunched at a later time.

The products will be manufactured in Chambersburg.

“We’re pleased to say that the plant will start up with all former employees of Gibble’s who worked in the production facility previously,” Amy Hartman said. “They are very familiar with the products and the production process and will be making the same products with the same recipes and quality ingredients that made Gibble’s a household name. We have a great team of employees who care and believe in the Gibble’s brand. We are very fortunate to have them on board and are excited they will be sharing in this great opportunity to bring back Gibble’s.”

The Hartmans currently own King’s Quality Foods Inc., and All Seasons Kitchen Inc., in Bowmansville, Pa.

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