A tale of World War II

Author: Dr. Daniel Felix

Where the author lives: Monroe Township

Title of the Book: “A Scout for E Company: 1944 – The Story of Pfc. Gene Wentz”

Description: Part biography, part war-time history, “A Scout for E Company: 1944” takes the reader through Gene Wentz’ early years growing up in a small coal-mining town in western Pennsylvnia and follows him up to the present day.

The story centers on his time in the Army, but shares anecdotes of his life after he came home — and like the rest of his generation, how his Army life shaped his life back in the states.

During World War II, Wentz went to the European theater by way of Africa as one of many replacement soldiers in 1943. He was assigned to the 36th Infantry Division (the “T-Patchers”) in November 1943, and was severely wounded the next spring outside Rome.

The book describes his life in basic training, a gut-wrenching trip across the Atlantic, a train ride through exotic North Africa, and a slow march up Italy’s boot under frigid conditions as the 36th slogged their way through Italy’s stiffly defended, German lines.

Many of the veterans of World War II are leaving us without sharing their stories. The book is an effort to record the stories of one of those veterans. These stories need to be told so that the following generations will know more about the war years and how they changed people’s lives.

Former Army Pfc. Gene Wentz is the author’s father-in-law.

“A Scout for E Company: 1944” has 136 pages with full color photos and maps.

Publisher: Dr. Daniel Felix (Printed by Masthof Press, Morgantown, Pa.)

Date of release: August 2012

Signing events: Cumberland County Historical Society, Dec. 15, 2012

How many books released: One — this is his first.

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