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Commentary: Trump's auto misfire will do nothing for Detroit

The latest salvo in President Donald Trump's trade war promises to do more damage than good to an already-anxious American auto industry. Trump on Wednesday ordered the U.S. Commerce Department to probe whether auto imports threaten national security under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act – the same executive power he used to apply tariffs on steel and aluminum earlier this year. The ... Read more

Purcell: For Memorial Day - serving those who serve us

Every Memorial Day, we remember those who died during active military service. But the day gives us a special opportunity to serve those wh… Read more

Commentary: Philip Roth's useful blueprint for women

Philip Roth taught me everything I know about men, or at least most of what I've needed to know. I was probably 19 when I read "Portnoy's Complaint," the novel the New Yorker called "the dirtiest book ever published" and whose countless masturbation scenes include one in which the young narrator, Alexander Portnoy, achieves sexual fulfillment with a slab of liver that his mother later serves ... Read more

Commentary: Illinois governor's wish to resurrect the death penalty deeply flawed

Gov. Bruce Rauner seems to be one of the few people in Illinois who misses the death penalty. There has been no mass outcry for its reinstatement from the law enforcement community or from the people of Illinois, who seem content to avoid the harsh injustices and added expense that capital punishment brought with it. There has never been convincing evidence that capital punishment deters ... Read more

Commentary: Legalize child migrants and build a wall

The fate of the Dreamers is an issue that has come back to life in Congress, thanks to aggressive action by a small group of House Republicans. Why now? "We're boiling over," said Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan. "It's got to get done." The 16-term Republican is right. Congress needs to resolve the status of the young migrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Momentum had ground to a ... Read more

Commentary: Taking the 'Revolution' back to England

It was some time after the mother of the bride entered the church, after the sermon and after the choir, that the significance of last weekend's royal wedding hit me. More than 400 years after the first English settlers set foot in North America and some 242 years after we declared our independence from the British crown, the American Revolution was finally going back across the Atlantic to ... Read more

Commentary: Israel will survive the Middle East

Last week Israel turned 70. In historical terms, that is such a young age for a country. Yet look at what it's accomplished: The only democracy in the Middle East, Israel has transformed itself from a strong agricultural producer into a technological powerhouse. And for its birthday, it was awarded a number of international gifts. First, it won this year's Eurovision Song Contest with an ... Read more


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