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A look at the best beer and brewery in each state

Where can you find the best beer in each state? What about the best brewery (they aren't always the makers of the best beer, by the way)? Read more

New York City to consider ban on plastic straws

NEW YORK (AP) — Plastic straws and stirrers could soon be banned in bars, restaurants and coffee shops in New York City. Read more

Kroger buys Home Chef to take bigger bite of meal-kit market

NEW YORK (AP) — Kroger, looking to take a bigger bite of the online grocery market, is buying meal-kit seller Home Chef. Read more

BE MINE: Maker of candy hearts, Necco Wafers sold at auction

BOSTON (AP) — The bankrupt 171-year-old candy maker known for its chalky Necco Wafers and those little inscribed hearts that are everywhere on Valentine's Day got a sweet message from a rival Wednesday: BE MINE. Read more


Building Blocks: The Sentinel building starts transformation

Although passers-by may not be able to see it, The Sentinel building in Carlisle has already started its transformation into a state-of-the… Read more


The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Cumberland County home

Enjoy plush comfort with our patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your body for a deeper, more restorative sle…


Safe stair climbing for Cumberland County seniors

Live independently in your multi-story home without the fear of falling.

Amplify the peaches' flavor with this simple, warm dessert

It might seem impossible to improve on a perfect peach, but we decided to try. Read more

Seriously Simple: Break out the barbecue

Once we have longer nights and warmer weather, I am all in with barbecuing. I personally love to find different marinades or rubs that offer loads of flavor with minimal time in the kitchen. In "Flavorize" author Ray Lampe shares his barbecuing secrets with great marinades, brines, rubs and glazes. Read more

Environmental Nutrition: The sweet facts about honey

We all know bees make honey, but you may be surprised to learn that honey harvesting dates back 8,000 years and, over the millennia, honey has been used as everything from an antimicrobial and wound healer to a much-loved sweetener. Honey starts as flower nectar collected by bees, and it is stored as simple... Read more

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Ribs 101: How to cook ribs like a pro

Simple as ribs may appear, there’s an art to mastering them. This slideshow includes tips from the Los Angeles Times' Noelle Carter on how … Read more

Famous people and the foods they can't stand

On the heels of Tom Brady explaining why he despises strawberries, here are 10 other famous people and the foods they avoid. Read more

11 of the best Southern foods even Yankees can’t live without

Good news: May 14th is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day. Which got us thinking about Southern comfort food. Which got us thinking about more… Read more

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FDA says companies shouldn't try to hide warning letters

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration is encouraging businesses not to use an Iowa company's service or any other that promises to hide information about safety violations. Read more

Correction: Meal Shaming story

BOSTON (AP) — In a story May 16 about a proposal to prevent school districts in Massachusetts from denying hot lunches to students who don't have the money to pay for them, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the author of a recent study on the topic was Wendy Baker. Her name is Patricia Baker. Read more

How Goose Island sale to Anheuser-Busch changed craft beer is detailed in new book

There's no more fascinating brewery in America - or possibly the world - than Goose Island Beer Co. Across its 30 years, Chicago's oldest brewery has been on the leading edge of beer (it pioneered aging imperial stout in bourbon barrels) and business (its 2011 sale to Anheuser-Busch InBev launched a wild new era of the beer industry). When I started writing about beer for the Chicago Tribune ... Read more