Coakley's (copy)

Coakley’s Irish Pub in New Cumberland.


Those who are from New Cumberland know that Coakley’s has had a long history there.

The Irish pub and restaurant had been a downtown centerpiece for more than 40 years.

But when the resturant’s owners filed for bankruptcy in 2014, the longtime staple suddenly shutdown.

“It left a big hole in the town,” said Kelly Havens, owner of Nest Egg interiors, a nearby shop. “It was like history so I think a lot of people took it really hard.”

Coakley’s had remained vacant up until it was recently bought during a judicial tax sale in Cumberland County.

“I’m anxious and I think a lot of people in the town are anxious to see what they’re going to do with it,” said Kyler Smith, a borough resident.

Although there are no official plans, the word has gotten out that new developers are focused on bringing in more retail and a new restaurant as well as cleaning up the outside property.

Surrounding business owners on Bridge Street hope the ‘new Coakley’s’ will revitalize the town.

“Whatever it might be, I think there’s nothing but opportunity in New Cumberland and it has nowhere to go but forward,” said Steve Skelly, owner of American Anchor Tattoo Co., which sits just across the street from the Coakley’s property.

“New Cumberland in particular is already thriving, so this is just probably going to be icing on the cake,” Havens said.

More details for the property are expected to released on Nov. 8 when investors meet to discuss and finalize the sale.


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